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Tax doesn’t have to be taxing” – HMRC

Although the initial thought of taxes can be a daunting one, we hope to alleviate some of that potential worry or fear. Tax on the whole is a very broad subject, which covers off areas such as Tax Returns, Year End, Corporation Tax, Inheritance Tax, Cash Flow Management and Tax Savings.

We aim to touch on some of these and provide guidance on how best to navigate your way through taxes and most importantly, how to make them work best for you and your finances.

Prepare for Probate - What you need to know

For many of us, losing a loved one is not something we want to think about ahead of time, however when it comes to the formalities around someone’s estate when they have passed, forward planning is beneficial.

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Buy to Let Property

If you are wondering why so many buy-to-let investors are leaving the market, the answers may lie in the fact that the government has in recent years penalised buy-to-let investors with tax and regulatory changes. Rising house prices and “generation rent” have also played their part in deterring potential investors from seeking this particular avenue.

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Tax Saving Strategies for the Additional Rate

Taxes become more complicated in the UK when you earn more money and when your income streams are more diverse. For those in the Additional Rate tax bracket this certainly tends to hold true for their experience.

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