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It’s no secret that there is a lot of truth in the popular saying, “saving money is the best gift you can give your future self”, however, for some of us, it may not be abundantly clear when and how to get things started. For others, it may simply be a case of being unaware of certain additional measures that can be adopted to boost any existing savings.

We hope to unlock some of this uncertainty and help illustrate some specific tried and tested means for increasing your savings.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – cut costs and start saving

The cost-of-living crisis has become for many, a very real issue that has taken a hold of and impacts our everyday finances in a major way.

Whilst we can live in hope that some government intervention takes place to ease the negative effects being felt, there are a few tweaks and changes that we can action to help reduce our spending, boost any savings, and ultimately relieve any finance-induced stress.

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How to teach children about money and finances

It’s no surprise that good habits can be learned from an early age, so teaching children about money matters from a young age can have a beneficial impact once they reach young adulthood and beyond

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5 Key Ways to Increase your Retirement Income

Am I on track to reach my required retirement income?

The exact amount you personally need will depend on a range of factors, including your current/desired lifestyle and unique financial goals. However, a good starting point is to assume you will need at least two thirds of your current salary to maintain your standard of living. For most people, the figure in retirement will probably lie between £20,000-£30,000 pa.

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8 Money Saving Tips for Summer

Are you looking at your monthly outgoings and wondering if there are ways you could reduce unnecessary spending, and free up some extra cash for things you really need and enjoy?

As we’re approaching the peak of summer (often an expensive time for people as they book time off work and children need entertaining outside of school), we wanted to offer some helpful tips about how to cut needless spending without seriously compromising your lifestyle.

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Great ways to save over Winter

As most of us tend to prioritise spending over saving, it can be hard to break the habit and start focusing more on increasing savings. As a rule, the earlier you start the better and there are some key things you can do, especially over specific periods like Winter, that can help boost your savings.

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