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Planning For The Future

Whilst it would be nice, none of us have a crystal ball with the ability to see into the future. That being said, it doesn’t mean we can’t set ourselves up and put certain measures in place now, to help prepare us for any eventuality later on in life.

Many of us may want to live more in the present, but planning ahead is an easy way of ensuring successful outcomes in the future.

The benefits of working with a financial adviser and how to choose the right one for your needs

Managing your finances can be a complex and overwhelming task. When navigating investment options, tax laws, and fluctuating financial markets, it can be challenging to know how to make the most of your money. That is where financial advisers like BRI can come in. In this article, we will explore the benefits of working with us.

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Planning for Your Children's / Grandchildren's Education: Investing in Their Future


Providing your children with a quality education is a significant financial commitment, particularly in the UK where education costs can be substantial. It is essential to plan ahead and save for their future education to ensure that they have the opportunities they deserve. In this article, we will explore strategies specifically tailored to UK residents to help you plan for education costs and save for your children’s future.

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Have you started saving for school fees?

Many parents want to give their children the best possible opportunities in life, and that starts with a great education. This is the reason why many parents opt to send their children to private schools. However, the rising costs from childcare right through to university fees, means that for some, additional finances and funds need to be allocated and set aside, solely for this purpose.

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Wills & Lasting Power of Attorney

Having a Lasting Power of Attorney and a Will in place is not planning to be ill and seriously unwell in the future, but instead simply making sure that should those unfortunate circumstances occur, everything is already in place to ensure your finances and future care will be well looked after. As it stands, family members are not permitted to automatically assume control of your assets, estate or healthcare in the event of sudden illness, loss of mental capacity or death. Both LPAs and Wills work in conjunction with each other, but each document defines different legal permissions.

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Digital Assets

Are digital assets included in your current estate planning?

Digital assets are a growing part of many people’s lives as technology further integrates within our everyday lives, but can often be a forgotten part of estate planning.

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Why you should consider gifting & charitable donations

When it comes to dividing and allocating your estate, there are a few avenues that can provide some tax-relief when it comes to calculating your Inheritance Tax rate. That is to say, you are able to give away some of your estate tax-free – either as money or assets – to reduce your overall value.

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Planning For The Future

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