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A good state of financial wellbeing can be achieved not only through good practices where money is concerned but from a sense of calm and content regarding financial matters. Insurance grants peace of mind. Knowing that there are backup measures in place should things go wrong means you can continue your day-to-day life confident that if the unexpected occurs, you’re covered.

This section of the Knowledge Hub explores the areas of insurance such as business protection and income protection that are often overlooked or not fully taken advantage of,  when it comes to people’s long term financial plans.

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The last twelve months have seen some of the most challenging and stressful times for business owners, giving rise to many events beyond boardroom control. However, as the blue skies of optimism start to appear, we are beginning to organise our regular Business Owner Breakfasts again, which aim to give you the time and the opportunity to explore and discuss the topics listed in this article.

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Why Protection Matters to your Financial Plan

We insure our cars, our furniture and other items such as our phones. We do this because we recognise these have great value. Yet, curiously, fewer people insure their lives or income. This is perhaps because many of us are fortunate to have never had these seriously threatened. However, nobody knows what the future holds.

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