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Are young investors taking unnecessary risks?

“This week we published a press release about new research we commissioned to better understand investors who engage in high-risk investments, like cryptocurrencies and foreign exchange.

The research findings reveal there is a new younger, more diverse group of consumers getting involved in higher risk investments, potentially prompted in part by the accessibility offered by new investment apps.

However, there is evidence that these higher risk products may not always be suitable for these consumers’ needs as nearly two thirds (59%) claim that a significant investment loss would have a fundamental impact on their current or future lifestyle.

Our new campaign

This research will help design a new campaign to address the harm caused from consumers investing in high risk, high return, illiquid investments that may not be suitable for their needs.

Tackling harm in the consumer investment market is a priority for the FCA, and by lending your support to this campaign you are playing an important role to help protect consumers.

You can read the full research report and examine the new findings in detail right here. We hope that it provides you with insights that can help inform your approach to addressing the needs of this new audience.

Thank you for signing-up for updates and information on how you can play a vital role in supporting this brand-new campaign. We’re really looking forward to working with you, and your support could make all the difference.”

Atinuke Akintola,
Campaign Lead,
Financial Conduct Authority

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