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Borrowing & Credit

Few of us manage to progress through life without taking on borrowings, whether to finance a house, car or business.

Understanding and actively managing returns from cash deposited and funds borrowed are often overlooked. Cash and borrowings are asset classes that need regular monitoring and whilst the financial benefits may not be great, nor is driving miles to seemingly save money.

The recent cut in NS&I rates to virtually nil has raised awareness about seeking information and advice on better cash returns which then leads into reassessing the cost of current borrowings.

Equity Release

We are all familiar with the Equity Release adverts throughout the media and it is now a £4bn annual business. Put simply, equity release allows homeowners aged over 55 the chance to release some of the equity (cash) tied up in the value of their home and the ability to stay living in that home until moving into residential care or passing away.

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Effective ways to build your credit score

Whether it’s a mortgage, financing a new car or simply taking out a loan, credit checks are increasingly an integral part of our lives where finances are concerned. A bad credit score can have significant implications when considering the above purchases, so how can you improve yours to avoid negative repercussions later.

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Borrowing & Credit

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