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BRI has taken on the business of Cogent Planning Limited

BRI is pleased to announce that it has taken on the business of Cogent Planning Limited. Cogent Planning is a Chartered Financial Planner specialising in providing high quality financial planning and investment advice to private individuals.

The roots of the firm stem from more than 70 years’ experience of client needs and technical knowledge built up between its founders, Noel Ormrod and Sue Thomas. After many years working for pension schemes, insurers and IFAs, Noel and Sue established a specialist consultancy in 2003 providing support to advisers on complex cases. In 2014, they founded Cogent Planning, with Corporate Chartered Financial Planner status, working directly with clients. This represented the fruition of their goal, adopting a tailored approach that applies their experience and understanding to meet the unique needs of each client at a personal level.

BRI’s Chief Executive, Simon Boardman-Weston said: “What struck me about Noel’s approach was his dedication to putting the needs of his clients before everything else and his determination to ensure their best interests are looked after, both now and in the future.”

“My first few conversations with Noel were spent entirely talking about our two firms’ cultures and how we both try to look after our clients. It was quite clear that Noel’s prime concern was how he could ensure that his clients remained in safe hands. It was only after we got to know each other well enough and discovered how our firms deal with the people we work with that we both felt that there was a really good fit.”

Both Noel and BRI see this coming together of the two firms as the start of a relationship which can carry on the work that he and his wife, Sue, have developed over many years. Noel will join BRI’s Advisory Board and we are delighted that we will be able to consult him and benefit from his advice in future.

Noel Ormrod commented “the future care of those who trust us weighed heavily for some time. People hope for more than knowledge and expertise. They want to be cared for, not just dealt with.

In the BRI team, we sensed heart and soul – an elusive and rare essence. Introducing BRI has been the most important step in long term financial planning we have ever put forward.”

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