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Pensions in essence are a simple type of long-term savings plan devised to help you save during your working life, to ensure that once you are retired, you still have a source of income. There are several different pension schemes available, as well as various ways in which you can maximise yours to create the best possible financial benefits for later on in your life.

In this section of the Knowledge Hub we aim to explore some of those different options, and detail how to make the most out of your pension.

Pensions: When should I start paying into one and how much?

The truth is that when it comes to pensions, many of us are still very much in the dark. We all know ‘it’s a good idea to start paying into a pension plan’ to set us up for a financially secure retirement, but the when, how much and for how long remains for some, a mystery. The aim of this article is to shed some light on those questions.

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Pension Consolidation - Can I? Should I? & How do I?

An increasing number of us now own more than one pension – some people have multiple policies and one of the very regular areas new clients seek advice from us surrounds pension consolidation. There is no simple answer for all, it is very much individual advice given after establishing and understanding your aims and objectives.

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