“Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing” – Warren Buffett

When it comes to investing, we really believe that knowledge is power. By making the decision to start investing, you are setting yourself up with the simplest of tools to ensure your long term financial goals can be met. In this section, we hope to provide essential information to help both those who are new to investing, as well as any well-practiced investors.

Introduction to Investing: Bonds vs Stock Market

In 2021, the majority of us are aware of the concept of investing and the financial benefits it can provide us. Both stocks and bonds are typically the most traded assets, and are available on multiple platforms, via several brokers, investment managers and markets. Those new to investing will no doubt be familiar with the terms Bond market and Stock market, however, might not be able to identify the difference between both when the time comes to start investing their money.

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Perseverance Pays

We regularly speak about the value of investing for the longer term, but the effects of compound interest upon investment returns are often wildly underestimated.

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Dematerialisation of Paper Share Certificates

Millions of people own shares in the form of certificates – paper proof of their ownership of the company they have invested in. Certificates provided comfort because they displayed your name and could be filed away neatly. Estimates suggest that there are around 15 million still held by private shareholders.

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Are Young Investors Taking Unnecessary Risks?

Whilst the younger generation are praised for being more technologically advanced and even, at times, more innovative than their elders in their approach to getting a job done, this mentality can give way to more risk exposure, especially when it comes to investing. That is certainly the case reported by the FCA in their article that highlights that younger investors are “getting involved in higher risk investments, potentially prompted in part by the accessibility offered by new investment apps”.

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