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Great ways to save over Winter

As most of us tend to prioritise spending over saving, it can be hard to break the habit and start focusing more on increasing savings. As a rule, the earlier you start the better and there are some key things you can do, especially over specific periods like Winter, that can help boost your savings.

If you are new to saving, try one of these tried and tested methods that start small but accumulate over time.

TOP TIP: Set a budget for the short term and remember to re-evaluate and adjust it accordingly. Check out online banking apps that allow you to set and monitor budgets for all categories of spending like the NatWest Spending and Budget Tracker.

Why Winter is an ideal time to save

  • Maximise the fact you will be staying in more as the nights get colder and darker and therefore spending less on going out and dining out.
  • If you’re less likely to use your gym membership over the colder months, see if you can freeze your membership for free for a couple of months.
  • Be mindful of spending more/too much on energy, like cranking the heating up over the colder months. Be practical and try adding an additional layer of clothing and using draft excluders. For more ways to save on energy, click here.
  • Download your energy companies’ app for a live feed of your usage and expenditure.
  • Be sensible about Christmas! Start buying gifts earlier in the year, or even get creative and make your own, like candles or sloe gin. Look out for sales throughout the year and big discount days like Black Friday. Boost your Christmas food shop by up to 5% with supermarket saving stamps schemes, more info here.

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