Long Term Care

As our population continues to exceed their life expectancy, considering long-term care for ourselves or our loved ones is now more important than it has ever been. There are many steps to consider in relation to your potential care needs, from the different types of care, the benefits available and the costs involved. This has created much uncertainty around the subject.

Our aim with this short series of videos is to help further your understanding of the practical steps involved with planning for long-term care for yourself or family members, they include:

  • An introduction to what actually constitutes as care and the difference between health, medical and social care.
  • The care needs assessment process and what to expect.
  • What the financial assessment takes into consideration.
  • The state benefits you may be able to apply for in order to help fund the cost of care.
  • What constitutes as the deliberate deprivation of assets.
  • How an Immediate Needs Annuity can tax efficiently help to pay for care fees. 

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