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At BRI we don’t regard ISAs as a separate product, but rather as an integral part of your overall portfolio. We simply see ISAs as being a tax-efficient wrapper in which to hold your chosen investments. You may have accumulated a number of ISAs across a variety of different managers and may now find the task of managing them increasingly time consuming and challenging. There may no longer be a cohesive asset allocation strategy in place, or you may find it difficult to establish your overall portfolio value at any given point due to variations in valuation dates.

We can help you consolidate these investments into just one account with the BRI ISA. As well as making life easier for you, it will also ensure your portfolio is both actively managed and appropriately diversified. It can also widen your investment options: the BRI ISA allows you to select any ISA-eligible investment allowing you to align it with your underlying investment strategy.

Another key advantage of the BRI ISA is its competitive pricing structure. We’re able to transfer your existing ISA portfolio, either In-Specie or in cash. And, once you’ve moved your ISAs to us your investments will be summarised in just one report, making it simpler and easier for you to stay informed about your investments and also reduce the amount of paperwork you receive.