Personal Portfolio Service

The Personal Portfolio Service (PPS) offers access to BRI’s proven investment management expertise through a range of portfolios tailored to a variety of risk profiles and investment objectives. The PPS has been designed for clients where a fully bespoke service may not be necessary or cost-effective, for example, where clients do not require bespoke capital gains or income tax planning.

The PPS is available within a number of tax-efficient wrappers, such as ISAs, SIPPS and offshore bonds, as well as general investment accounts. It offers six core risk-rated portfolios, ranging from Cautious to Speculative which have been designed to capture the individual requirements you may have.

The terms and conditions can be found here:

BRI’s PPS Team consists of Lawrence Fisher, Jenny Mills, and Tom Hopkins. Further information on their job roles and qualifications can be found on our People pages

If you would like to speak to a member of our Personal Portfolio Service Team, please call 01676 523 550 or email