We offer intermediaries two competitively priced management services: our Managed Portfolio Service and for clients requiring a more tailored arrangement, our Bespoke Portfolio Service.

Whatever the size of your clients’ portfolios, and whichever BRI service you and your clients choose, you will benefit from the same team of experienced investment managers, using the same research tools and sophisticated investment analysis.

Clients have their own individual portfolios of investments, managed on a discretionary basis by BRI’s expert investment team.

Offering greater flexibility, BRI’s portfolios can be managed either on a collectives-only basis, or also incorporate direct investment into equities, depending on the client’s needs.

The portfolio can accommodate a variety of tax wrappers including SIPPs, SSASs, ISAs, offshore bonds and traditional accounts.

For portfolios worth at least £250,000, the BRI SIPP is COMPLETELY FREE to set up with no annual SIPP management fee.

To find out more about BRI’s intermediary services, please contact Lynne Rolinson on 01676 523 550 or email her on