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28th September 2017
Questionnaire Success

Firstly, we would like to thank all clients who recently took part in our survey. Questionnaires were sent out to a random selection of clients to measure their overall level of satisfaction so that we can strive to provide the best possible service in the future.

Whilst we are delighted to say the response rate was very good, client questionnaires are a reason for us to reflect on the positives but also learn from any suggestions or criticisms.. This helps us to continue improving our services and highlight any areas we can build upon.

Some key findings are below:

• 100% of clients who answered the question were satisfied that we provide clear and accurate information about our products and services

• 96% of clients were satisfied with the overall service they receive from BRI, 86% of which were very satisfied

• 98% of clients felt that the fair treatment of clients was central to our culture

• 100% of clients that answered the question felt satisfied that the products and services on offer met their needs

• 98% of clients were satisfied that we take their individual circumstances and requirements into consideration when managing their portfolio

• We were particularly proud that 100% of clients who answered the question said they would recommend BRI to someone else

We constantly strive to offer a high quality, personal service. This client-centric attitude is embedded within our culture and we will continue to devote our best efforts to providing an excellent service. We are proud of our company maxim which reflects the values we all have here at BRI; Knowledge. Service. Trust