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28th April 2014
BRI Bespoke Portfolios Hit Three Year Anniversary

Since launching our Bespoke Portfolio Service (BPS) portfolios 3 years ago, its strategies have gone from strength to strength. Not only has every portfolio outperformed its respective benchmark by an average of 5.07%, but each one has done so with superior risk-adjusted returns.

The strong risk-adjusted performance has been aided by BRI's wide range of research and analytical resources, coupled with regular contact with fund managers and listed companies. BRI’s dedicated portfolio management team constantly analyse existing and potential investments to ensure that the highest quality funds are selected and that the most appropriate portfolios are constructed.

The BRI Bespoke Portfolio Service is an investment management service that offers seven different risk-rated portfolios that give clients access to a wide universe of assets including Equities, Bonds and Collectives. This allows intermediaries to focus on growing their businesses and enhancing client relationships whilst leaving the full-time job of monitoring investments and markets to us.

Included in the Bespoke Portfolio Service is the UK Equity Focus portfolio which is a high conviction, dynamic, direct equity portfolio that takes advantage of long-term investment themes whilst also capturing short-term pricing opportunities. The portfolio is unconstrained by benchmarks and the asset allocation may deviate significantly from a typical benchmark to reflect occasions when opportunities present themselves. The portfolio is run with a core-satellite approach which enables it to benefit from long-term investment themes and trends whilst taking advantage of short-term market inefficiencies.

BRI has a strong heritage of researching and investing in direct equities and we use our unique, in-house quantitative tools to filter down to the most attractive FTSE 350 companies on a valuation and growth level. Key to our model are free cash flow, forecast earnings growth and the strength of the balance sheet. From here we use in-depth analysis that narrows down the list to the top 33 companies that satisfy our qualitative criteria. Having access to literally hundreds of research notes and direct contact with many of the companies we invest in allows us to fully understand them and the competing views that the market holds about them.

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