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3rd November 2014
BRI announces 3 year performance of model portfolio service.

Since the launch of their Model Portfolio Service 3 years ago BRI have reported that the portfolios have delivered strong risk adjusted returns and demonstrated lower volatility.

The BRI Model Portfolio Service is an investment management service that offers six different risk-rated portfolios that give clients access to a wide universe of assets including ETFs, Bonds and Collectives. BRI say that their service frees Intermediaries to focus attention on growing their own businesses, while both the investments and markets are being monitored by BRI.

The portfolios are designed to offer low cost exposure to global markets whilst still benefitting from BRI’s investment expertise. BRI have advised that the strong risk-adjusted performance has been ‘aided by their research and analytical resources, coupled with regular contact with fund managers’.

BRI’s Head of Investment Management, Vince Hopkins, commented: “The 3 year performance figures continue to please. Out-performance has been achieved despite employing a lower volatility approach, which is at the heart of our investment process. These figures are testament to BRI’s research process and we head into the next 3 years of the Model Portfolio Service with optimism.”