Our Financial Planners provide ‘restricted’ advice.  The restriction on our advice relates to investment management services; in this regard we are not obligated to review the whole market and will generally use BRI’s in-house discretionary or advisory investment services. However, we are not limited to using BRI and will only do so when we feel such services are suited to your needs and objectives.

We feel there is often a significant advantage to our clients by managing investments using our own specialist investment team so, where we believe a discretionary or advisory portfolio management service is appropriate, we usually recommend BRI’s own services and this would constitute restricted advice.

For non-investment management services, we will establish your needs and objectives, then conduct a review of the wider financial planning market and recommend a solution, bearing in mind your best interests.

As Investment Managers advice is considered ‘restricted advice’ in that we cannot advise on certain investment products such as pensions and life assurance. When managing your portfolio however, we are able to choose from a very wide investment universe to ensure that we select the most suitable investments for a client. These investments are carefully selected and approved by BRI before being included in client portfolios.

For further information on our specific services, please select your investor type from the Services tab on the menu above.